Information Governance Consulting


ARK-IGC LLC was founded to bring together some of the most well known information governance consultants under one consulting house to act as a consortium.  Our core consultants have extensive international experience in  all business sectors.

​We focus on providing outstanding information consulting services to help organizations build world-class  information governance programs and implement the associated technologies and processes in accordance with leading industry standards and best practices to make businesses more efficient and to mitigate risks caused by over-retention of information.

The ARK  for us represents Archives, Records and Knowledge ,​ in other words the most important aspects of a business.  The IGC simply stands for Information Governance Consulting

ARK-IGC prides itself on placing its customers first and focusing on customized client solutions for each project.  At ARK , we are always vendor neutral when making software and services selections for our clients.  We do however regularly work with several exceptional vendor partners who uphold the same values and deliver high quality products and services.

Our consultants travel globally for our clients and we take on challenging projects that require our expertise.  As records management and information governance programs and initiatives apply to all organizations regardless of size, our consulting and information system deployments have spanned from large multi-million dollar ECM system implementations to individual offices seeking to maximize the value of their information.

For more information on our services please contact our sales team at or call us directly at (408)705-8253.  In the interim, take a look at our services in more detail from the drop-down menu.

At ARK-IGC we know that we can  help your organization start maximizing its information to increase organizational efficiency, reduce risk and ideally generate ROI from your business records and data while protecting your information assets from data and privacy breaches.  

What's in Your ARK and how can we  help you achieve your strategic information management goals - or call us directly at (408)705-8253.