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Whether it's building the best project team for you from our internal consultant base or seamlessly integrating with your staff, collaboration and stellar project delivery are the key to a successful information initiative.

AJohn is an attorney with 20+ years experience in all aspects of records and information governance, including domestic and international records law and compliance, litigation readiness, records life-cycle management and record retention scheduling.  He has drafted in excess of 280 record retention schedules, and is generally regarded as a leading expert in the matter. He was recently awarded the ARMA Company of Fellows, and was the winner of the 2011 Britt Literary Award. John has four books and several dozen magazine articles and white papers to his credit. He is also a member of the ARMA International Generally Accepted Recordkeeping Principles drafting committee.

For additional information please visit John Montana’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-monta%C3%B1a-b9972b7/.

​​​John has been in the records management and information governance field since 1998. He specializes in project management, retention scheduling, records and information policies and procedures as well as international and domestic records law research. He has worked developing more than 175 record retention schedules, focusing on global privacy, data location and media requirements. John is a specialist in records and information management for hazardous incident response. He is a member of ARMA, AHIMA and AIIM. He is the author of numerous articles and other publications.

For additional information please visit John Kain’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-kain-49b01a19/.

We believe that information governance is the future for organizations and establishing a solid information program is imperative for a company to advance in the information age.

Our vision is to continue to support our clients at local and global levels with the best information consulting services and products.  

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Our core consultants consist of some of the most active and recognized information experts in the profession.  With both practical and academic accomplishments, each of our consultants bring decades of experience and credibility to any project.

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Although each of our client projects are unique, we approach each project with the Project Management Institute's (PMIs) project management methodology.

Through trusted methodologies and leading practices we combine just the right amount of structure with creativity to take on challenging projects that encompass the information governance spectrum.

Information Governance Consulting

Ilona N. Koti is a former foreign diplomat and subject matter expert with 20+ years in information governance & libraries and has extensive knowledge of privacy, data breaches, technology and records related issues. She excels in multi-million dollar electronic document management system implementations, policy & procedure revisions and information governance program development with past global clients in IT, bio-tech, oil & gas, energy, manufacturing and government.

Ilona is also a Certified Records Manager (CRM), Certified Project Manager (PMP), Certified Document and Image Architect (CDIA+), Certified Coach & Trainer (CC) and has a Masters of Library Science and Masters of Information Management from Syracuse University. Ilona is a Fellow of the Institute of Information Management Africa, a teaching fellow at the University of Dundee in Scotland for Electronic Records Management, a past Director for the California Historical Records Advisory Board, and is the President of ARMA International. As a keynote speaker and published writer, Ilona is a recognized leader and founder of the information governance profession.

For additional information please visit Ilona N. Koti’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilonakoti​

A seasoned information technology executive consultant, Dr. Ajay Asthana provides oversight for the architecture of cutting-edge solutions that address key business objectives to deliver value to global clients across multiple industries.  Formerly with Accenture and IBM, Ajay is renowned for his development of the Information ROI calculator which accurately assesses costs and returns on information related organizational activities.  Additionally Ajay specializes in business process modeling & supply chain restructuring, services oriented architecture and fact-based business case development to ensure organizational efficiencies.  Dr. Asthana has a PhD from New York University in Information Systems & Operational Research and is a frequent lecturer on information governance.

For additional information please visit Ajay Asthana’s LinkedIn Profile: